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Hitachi signs licence agreement with Levyx to reduce Big Data infrastructure costs

Levyx has announced it has signed a licence agreement to significantly decrease its Big Data infrastructure costs by collaborating with a subsidiary of Hitachi.

The firm has linked up with Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering to focus on the development, design, manufacturing, sale and servicing of products related to Information, Communications and Technology.

“We are pleased to partner with Hitachi and look forward to working with them on solving Big Data challenges in large market opportunities in areas such as IOT, Cyber Security, Genomics and Financials,” said Dr. Herbert Perer, Director of International Business Development of Levyx.

Levyx, a provider of system software for low latency big data platforms and applications, links up with Hitachi to deliver combined solutions to help sort challenges related to performance and latency in processing large-scale data sets.

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“Our Tokyo based team is working closely with Hitachi to develop high-end data solutions. We are committed to providing world-class service and support to our enterprise customers,” said Dr. Reza Sadri, CEO of Levyx.

“The Hitachi brand and horsepower combined with our intense domain expertise and differentiating technologies create a formidable solution.”

Through the new partnership, Levyx will be able to offer unique capabilities to help solve key data management issues.

There is a growing demand in Asia for low-latency and high-performance system-level software that optimizes hardware performance and reduces costs.