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Itek Energy opens 48,000-foot Washington manufacturing facility

Bellingham city

Itek Energy has announced the opening of a new 48,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Bellingham, Washington this week.

The factory was unveiled with both officials from the City and the port of Bellingham present, with the factory located at the city’s downtown waterfront.

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Whilst many renewables manufacturing firms are looking to act more conservatively within a market that is offering less favourable returns, Itek Energy has continued to expand.

The plant will feature new state of the art equipment, with the factory set to produce new 60 and 72 cell, high-powered, five-busbar solar modules that will have a power range of 300-370 watts each.

"When we had our first meeting about the waterfront, this was the kind of business that we imagined would be down here," said Mayor Linville. "Homegrown, able to expand, and good for our environment and our green power." 

The new facility will be capable of producing 150 MW annually, adding to Itek’s existing Irongate District facility that offers 60MW a year.

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