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New Zealand sees rise in manufacturing sales, boosted by equipment and machinery

New Zealand see rise in manufacturing sales, related to dairy and meat

In the first quarter of 2018, New Zealand saw its sales volumes rise by a seasonally adjusted 1.4%.

The nation also noted a 0.6% growth in the value of its sales during the review period, according to Statistic New Zealand.

Of the country’s 13 manufacturing sectors, nine (69%) saw a rise in sales in the three months ending March.

The sector with the largest growth was transport equipment and machinery manufacturing, with sales volumes growing by 6%.


“The rise in transport equipment and machinery manufacturing follows a fall in the previous December quarter,” remarked Manufacturing Statistics Manager at Statistic New Zealand, Sue Chapman.

“The latest rise is the largest since March 2011, and the fourth-largest rise since the series began.”

The meat and dairy manufacturing industry saw volumes increase by 2.2%, up from the 2.4% drop in the final quarter of last year.

However, despite the rise in volumes, sales value in the sector fell by 4.7% during the review period.

The volume of dairy exported dropped by 0.6% whilst meat exports fell by 8.8%. The volume of total finished goods rose by 3.7%

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