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P&G to launch 320,000 new recycled plastic bottles in UK

Fairy Ocean

Procter and Gamble (P&G), a multinational manufacturing company, has announced the launch of its new Fairy Ocean Plastic bottles made entirely from a combination of recycled and ocean plastic.

As many as 320,000 of the 90% recycled and 10% ocean-plastic bottles are set to be released in the UK in 2018, with the overriding aim of raising awareness of the issues of growing ocean plastic levels.

“As the world’s number one dishwashing liquid globally and a much-loved brand in the UK, we want to use Fairy to raise awareness about the plight of our ocean and raise awareness about the importance of recycling,” said Virginie Helias, P&G’s Vice President of Global Sustainability.

“Our consumers care deeply about this issue and by using ocean plastic we hope to show that the opportunities are endless when we rethink our approach to waste.’’

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The product was created in partnership with TerraCycle, an innovative US-based recycling company.

‘’We are proud to be working with an iconic brand like Fairy to launch a fully recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic and ocean plastic,” said Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle.

“The issue of ocean pollution is a pertinent one, we hope other brands will be inspired to think creatively about waste and make the circular economy a reality.’

Statistics from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation suggest that as much as 95% of the value of plastic packaging material is lost annually, worth $80-120bn, and at current rates plastic could outnumber fish by 2050.

P&G’s Fairy Ocean Plastic bottle is one initiative that counteracts these figures, with expectations that it will divert 8,000 tonnes of plastic from landfill.