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Toyota is hiring 1,000 staff in Dallas

Toyota is hiring 1,000 staff in Dallas

A piece of rare positive news for the motor industry: Toyota is hiring 1,000 new members of staff for its latest US base in Dallas.


Toyota is building a 100 acre HQ in Plano which is slated to open mid-next year. It will employ around 4,000 staff altogether, many of which have already moved from the existing HQ in Torrance, Los Angeles. The LA campus has been in operation since 1982, and around 2,500 staff – chiefly design and sales employees – will remain there.

According to Reuters, Jim Lentz, Toyota’s North America Chief Executive, stated: “We will be hiring more than 1,000 new team members across numerous functions, and our hope is that they will help us in Toyota’s mission to address challenges for everyone, now and in the future.”

Employees of the automotive giant were given almost three years to decide whether they wished to remain in California, Kentucky, or New York, or transfer to Texas, and were allowed to fly there on the company’s dime to get a feel of Plano. During an event at the site, Lentz added:

“We let everyone know when we made this move that if you wanted a job, you had a job. They weren’t pressured into making a decision. I think people underestimated just how good a place this is.”


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