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Groupe PSA to launch Plant of the Future at Global Industrie Exhibition

Groupe PSA launches four challenges to improving performance

The French automobile manufacturer, Groupe PSA, will show its Plant of the Future Vision at the Global Industrie Exhibition.

The exhibition will be held in Paris between 27-30 March in the Paris-Nord Villepinte.

The firm’s vision highlights plans for the future that aim to optimise industrial performance through key four challenges.

The challenges are:

  • “Performance of the industrial organisation: optimisation of flows, quality, traceability, productivity and production line flexibility,” Groupe PSA’s press release reads.
  • “Manufacturing technologies in the digital age: connected plant, robotics, optimised maintenance tools, 3D printing”.
  • “Sustainable plant: resource optimisation, eco-design, more compact facilities”.
  • “Human factor: learning community, training, working conditions, empowered teams”.


The company’s manufacturing base features 45 production centres spanning across the globe – 25 vehicle plants and 20 component plants.

“Our Group is on the road to the plant of the future. It’s a really exciting challenge,” stated Yann Vincent, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Groupe PSA.

“In recent years, we’ve taken a number of initiatives to upgrade our manufacturing base, often adopting disruptive solutions in the process.”

“Our teams’ agility is taking us forward faster to make us even more efficient.”

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