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June Sees Accelerated Growth for UK Manufacturing

UK manufacturing has been given something to smile about

Following the news that the UK manufacturing sector has grown at its fastest rate in seven months, in June, Neil Pickering, Director at Kronos gave his views on the trend and its repercussions.

“The strong growth in the UK manufacturing sector in June is great news for the economic recovery,” he said. “But as the economy continues to improve and demand continues to increase, the focus now for manufacturers must be ensuring that this growth is sustainable. This means having the right people, processes and technology in place to react quickly to the growing demand.

“For high-performance industries such as manufacturing, the misalignment of staffing to business demand can have a huge impact on performance and productivity.

“Not only this, issues such as repetitive manual tasks, inadequate tracking of time and attendance, and unnecessary overtime all impair worker productivity. So managers need to ensure that the have real-time insight into any problems that may impact productivity levels.

“By creating and maintaining productive processes around people, machine and materials management, UK manufacturers can be confident that rapid growth and improvement in productivity and performance will continue long into the second half of the year.”

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