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Mayor of London signs Making It manufacturing charter

Food manufacturing is the largest sub-sector in London

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, signed the Making It union charter, which is set to support manufacturing jobs.

The UK Mayor signed the charter on 14 March, showcasing his formal backing on the trade union, GMB, campaign.

According to a new analysis released by the union, the manufacturing industry employs approximately 110,000 people in the UK, and contributes £8.5bn (US$11.83bn) to its economy.

The industry’s largest sub-sector in London is food manufacturing, which is responsible for 24,000 jobs.

Metal product production hires 14,000 in the city, with printing and reproduction of recorded media has 10,000 jobs, wearing apparel employs 6,000 individuals, and computer, electronic and optical products has created 5,000 jobs.


“It’s often said that we don’t make anything here anymore, but that’s wrong,” commented Jude Brimble, national Secretary of GMB.

“Our Making It campaign reveals the truth about manufacturing and celebrates the work GMB members proudly do every day.”

“At a time when insecure work and the so-called ‘gig-economy’ are growing, manufacturing workers are often skilled workers in full-time employment and on permanent contracts.”

“Wages in manufacturing are on average 20% higher than in the wider economy – these jobs are worth fighting for.”

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