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UK manufacturers are prioritising product quality

UK focuses on quality in manufacturing before risk and profitability

According to research released by the Professional Division at Miele, 78% of UK manufacturers focus on quality to drive business growth.

The responding manufacturers claimed that improving the quality of products would I turn see a 30% rise in profitability and 30% increase in revenue.

38% of the manufacturers questions prioritise quality more than financial performance, whilst 34% consider it more important than exposure to risk.

“Quality shouldn’t be underestimated as a tool for business growth,” stated Sam Bailey, Sales & Marketing Director of the Professional Division at Miele in GB.

“Throughout Miele’s 119 year history, it’s put quality at the heart of the businesses and across all areas and this has resulted in our strong market position.”


However, many manufacturers are concerned with how they will deliver quality, with approximately 33% feel limited by raw materials and professional skills.

44% of manufacturers struggled to develop quality skills in the workforce, despite the UK being the best quality-skilled professionals in the world, following Germany and Japan.

“UK manufacturers recognise the importance in delivering product quality but need to ensure that they’re addressing it at every stage of the business – from raw materials, finance, sales and marketing through to post-sales customer service if they’re to take advantage of the growth opportunities quality provides.”

“As part of our research into quality, we investigated manufacturers priorities for investment and found that they were more likely to put resources into developing quality in innovation than in customer service, yet it’s here that often companies are able to build key differentiation in terms of being a quality organisation.”