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Attribytes launches Easy Data Pool for data capture in food manufacturing

Attribytes launches Easy Data Pool for data capture in food manufacturing

Leading cloud-based solutions provider for connecting foodservice companies, Attribytes, has announced the launch of its Easy Data Pool technology. This platform allows companies to exchange information through GS1’s worldwide Global Data Synchronisation Network, which acts as the standard for capturing and sharing critical product data like nutritional information, allergens, case specifications, and images.

“Collecting, sharing and managing foodservice data has historically been an arduous process industry-wide and one that faces special challenges when it comes to GS1 standards,” said Jason Gunn, VP of Customer Experience. “Easy Data Pool is the latest solution designed for foodservice companies that want to gather and share best-in-class product content.”

“Had our company not had the support from Attribytes, our data management process would still be on the shelf,” said Jeff Moore, President at International Pacific Seafood. “We had not addressed our data needs for years as there was nobody in the industry doing what Attribyte’s offers. Since April 2017, they have been working with us daily and we’re now proud to have a streamlined and effective process.”

Simple features are not overlooked alongside the constant support and easy reporting functions of Easy Data Pool. There are features for creating new items, click-through menus and on-demand catalogue downloads, plus free access to GS1 compliance guidelines and best practice.

“We love this industry and Attribytes was founded to create innovative solutions that streamline our clients’ businesses,” said Gunn. “Our team represents more than 60 years of experience from all functional areas of foodservice, and we have a passion for building best-in-class product content.”

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