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BASF confirmed as one of first companies to use Elementum’s Orchestration Platform

The Germany-based chemical company, BASF, has confirmed its one of the first companies to leverage its Orchestration Platform to bring the speed of now to supply chain through the help of Elementum.

Through increasing its global operations with unified data and orchestration capabilities, BASF will now have the capabilities to track products across the world.

By supporting global supply chains, the platform will assess potential problems, assess and prioritise challenges the teams should focus on.

In a press release, Frithjof Netzer, Chief Digital Officer of BASF said: “At BASF, we are embracing digital technologies to gain orchestration capabilities across our supply chain. We handle 6.5 million deliveries per year globally across all modes of transport.”

“With the help of Elementum's platform, we gain end-to-end transparency of shipment status and the ability to take action so that we can identify problems, mitigate risks, and better serve our customers.”

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The platform analyses more than 800,000 supply chain nodes, as well as seeing $600bn worth of goods through it and monitoring millions of shipments.

Nader Mikhail, CEO and founder of Elementum, stated: “The Elementum Orchestration Platform is the culmination of five intense years of efforts to modernize the global supply chain. Imagine orchestrating thousands of suppliers, factories, truck drivers, and distribution centers towards a common goal: getting products to customers quickly, consistently, and efficiently.”

“By organizing the world's supply chain data into the Product Graph, Elementum's platform alerts global companies before teams are stuck firefighting, and before customers raise issues that could have been avoided.”