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BP renews Aspen Technology licensing in a bid for continuous improvement

BP renews Aspen Technology licensing in a bid for continuous improvement

Aspen Technology has announced that oil and gas giant, BP, has renewed its license for aspenONE Engineering, a market-leading suite of products for process engineering and optimisation, plus aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain, which is focussed on operations and supply chain software.

Using AspenTech’s technology, BP is able to address key opportunities to move with price cycle and energy trends in refinery planning and execution, thus improving capacity management and increasing margins.

aspenONE Engineering offers process modelling, analysis, safety, and design tools in an integrated platform to yield safer, more efficient, cost-reducing results. aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain allows for the optimisation of feedstock, quick response to disruption, capitalisation on trading opportunities, and optimisation of inventory and transportation assets.

The aspenONE software suite helps customers, such as BP, to respond more quickly, safely and sustainably to market opportunities, with higher reliability and lower energy use, and to achieve higher oil and gas production levels with existing assets.

Antonio Pietri, President and Chief Executive Officer, AspenTech, said: “AspenTech is pleased to be one of BP’s strategic partners. This relationship will allow AspenTech to support BP’s production performance by integrating asset design with operational planning to enable profitable, agile operations across entire business and asset lifecycles.”

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