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Bright Machines launches Microfactory hardware and software

Bright Machines said that it could transform the most manual phases of today’s production lines

San Francisco based startup Bright Machines has announced the availability of its AI-driven automated Microfactories.

Combining software, machine learning, computer vision and adaptive robotics, Bright Machines said in its 26 June press release that it could transform the most manual phases of today’s production lines.

Its Microfactories are composed of Brightware, cloud-based software allowing for the configuration of physical production lines, and Bright Robotic Cells, modular units that can be configured to produce different items.


“The manufacturing industry is looking for its next leap forward and a software-defined approach to factory automation answers this need,” said Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines. “Key to unlocking the promise of intelligent automation is the connection of individual machines to an AI-powered software layer that configures, monitors and manages machines and operations, creating programmable and autonomous factories. We call this approach Software-Defined Manufacturing.”

The company said its Microfactories can be deployed twice as fast as existing lines, and thanks to their intelligence and connectedness, can improve throughput and yield.