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Canon and AVEVA form imaging technologies joint venture for smart factories

Canon has confirmed its partnership with AVEVA Group with the focus of realising smart factories through Canon imaging technologies.

The Japan-based technology company will aim to create innovative facilities in which it will utilise production equipment and machinery connected to a network.

The project aims to increase the awareness and drive towards the automation of factories whilst improving productivity.

Hiroo Edakubo, Deputy Chief Executive of Image Solutions Business Operations of Canon, commented: “Canon’s partnership with AVEVA is an exciting opportunity for the company to realise the full potential of smart factories by automating routine, repetitive, and labour-intensive tasks, through the Canon Industrial Imaging Platform.”

“Implementing features such as video recording and image processing technologies will, ultimately, result in faster recovery, problem prevention, and streamlined operations across the factory floor.”

“It will also help free up workers and allow them to use their time more productively and focus on tasks best suited to their skills and abilities.”

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Canon’s products – such as network cameras, industrial cameras and software for production centres – will be integrated through AVEVA’s InTouch SCADA1 programme powered by Wonderware.

Canon has also confirmed that it will utilise AVEVA’s software with Canon network cameras from the start of September.

With the software, Canon aims to enable remote monitoring of factory floors from its production control departments and central monitoring rooms.