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COO of Airbus claims automation will boost jet manufacturing

Airbus to implement new technology in its large scale production

Guillaume Faury, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Airbus, has announced that the firm’s upcoming A320 production line will focus more than ever on automation and robotics.

The production line will be opened soon in Hamburg, Germany, and will aim to increase productivity to meet demand.

The new COO, who was appointed the role in February this year, has reportedly informed staff at Airbus that the firm has struggled to meet 2018 delivery targets, Reuters revealed.

“Whether it is modern tooling or access to more data, there are far more possibilities than before,” the COO informed Reuters.


“What worked for small production lines is becoming a reality for bigger ones.”

“It is going to transform our industry, I am convinced,” he added.

The aircraft industry has seen priorities focus on efficiency within production rather than making mega-sales.

The A320 model has placed output to “flow production”, meaning that production is working faster than the workshop model.

Faury has noted that factories made for the A320 were designed three decades ago, and therefor not ready for modern mass production.

The facilities anticipated to produce around 1,500 aircrafts in total, whereas the company is manufacturing 600 planes per year.

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