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Digital transformation brings speed and accuracy to car manufacturers

Digital transformation brings speed and accuracy to car manufacturers

Manufacturing quality and process optimisation software company, InfinityQS, has stated that the automotive manufacturing industry must embrace smaller technology developments in order to make the biggest savings. 

Digital transformation can help prevent costly recalls by ensuring there is a connection between all parts of the auto manufacturing plant. Automotive manufacturers spend nearly $108 billion annually on R&D, but only a small proportion of spending is used within the manufacturing environment for software that helps improve build processes.

Martyn Gill, General Manager at InfinityQS Europe, said: “Many vehicle manufacturers are still using paper based ‘travel documents’ – check lists for car builders – which given the available technologies today is slightly absurd. With paper based documentation, there is no connection point, no chance to review the entire supply chain in a single readable format. By introducing software that enables users to do exactly this within the manufacturing plant, the complete chain can be connected together and is available for any user to easily review parts and material information, inspection data, build times and more.”

By digitally transforming the manufacturing floor, users can be equipped with ruggedised tablets, smartphones or laptops to easily access information and data throughout the plant. This allows for almost instantaneous updates to be made so the complete process can be recorded in real-time, providing greater oversight around critical issues before they escalate.


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