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Epson claims 40% of European inkjet market in Q1 2017


Leading technology company Epson has revealed that it took 40% of the entire European Inkjet market in Q1 2017, having consolidated its stature within the industry, despite an overall shrinking of the market.

In addition to investing €400mn into a host of new production facilities, Epson put forward €185mn over the next three years towards the development of its innovative PrecisionCore inkjet technology.

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“Our focus, investment and R&D commitment lies firmly with inkjet because it continues to prove its resilience and value as a technology,” said Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe.

“It has been reinvented in recent years and has continued to remain relevant for almost 70 years already. I firmly believe that inkjet will continue to gain traction within the business market.”

Such investments have resulted in Epson expanding its presences and improving its operations at a time when many are investing less heavily into the market due to its decline, resulting in the company gaining a greater market share.

“Inkjet innovations are directly addressing the needs of businesses today and as a result we’re seeing a shift from laser to inkjet within the European business printing market,” Clark said.

“Businesses are beginning to see real financial, environmental and societal benefits thanks to this technology, and this is evident in the market sales data for inkjet in Europe.” 

The reported 40% is up from the 25% recorded in Q1 2015, in line with the company’s overriding growth strategy.

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