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Innovation on the cards for luxury automaker Aston Martin

Aston Martin opens a new innovation center.

The future at Aston Martin looks bright as the British carmaker opens its new prototype and development center at the MIRA Technology Park in Warwickshire, UK.

The new 15,800sqft facility will play a vital role in the development of a next generation of luxury Aston Martin vehicles, including the high-end AMG-powered models.

According to Aston Martin Product Development Director Ian Minards, “The cutting edge facilities at MIRA, together with its reputation for quality and excellent security, make it an ideal place for us to carry out some of our prototype development work.” He added, “This excellent facility gives our engineering teams exactly what they need to ensure the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars continue to be truly class-leading.”

The new facility has a number of tracks and ‘all kinds of worldwide driving surfaces’ which allow manufactures to test their models in ‘complete safety and security’.

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