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Komatsu and Cloudera team up to create IT platform for monitoring mining equipment

Komatsu and Cloudera team up to create IT platform for monitoring mining equipment

Heavy equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, has implemented an Industrial Internet of Things analytics platform powered by Cloudera Enterprise and Microsoft Azure, to help mining businesses across the globe monitor performances of some of the largest pieces of equipment used in the industry. The software also increases asset utilisation and productivity, and delivers essential resources – including energy and industrial minerals – for the global economy.

Komatsu’s JoySmart solution has been created to help customers optimise machine performance using machine data and analytics. It ingests, stores, and processes many types of data collected from mining equipment worldwide, even in remote locations, with a single machine able to generate 30,000-50,000 time-stamped records per minute.

“With increasing customer demand and more connected machines, we were looking at data growth reaching 30 terabytes per month. Our former environment limited our ability to scale, grow and innovate,” said Anthony Reid, Senior Manager of Analytics at Komatsu.

“With Cloudera’s modern platform, we use advanced data analytics and machine learning to power our IIoT success. We now provide customers with better recommendations on machine utilisation and deliver services faster. In one example, we were able to make recommendations for a large coal mining company that enabled them to double the daily utilisation of their Joy longwall system.

“By deploying Cloudera Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, our teams make the invisible visible, gaining valuable insights to help customers optimise productivity and mining efficiencies. Cloudera delivered the fast performance, data security and customer support that allowed our teams to access machine data analytics and collaborate with different user groups across the world.”

“Komatsu required a modern data platform that not only delivers next-generation machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities in the cloud, but is also scalable to increases in their customers’ equipment utilisation and productivity,” said Dave Shuman, IoT and Manufacturing Industry Leader at Cloudera. “With Cloudera, Komatsu can now use the vast amounts of data to help its mining customers manage increasing pressure to be environmentally smarter and more productive at a lower operation cost.”