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Nestlé and Chromocell collaborate to find salt alternatives

Nestlé and Chromocell collaborate to find salt alternatives

Nestlé and Chromocell Corporation plan to continue their collaboration in an attempt to find healthier alternatives to salt.

Chromocell is a life sciences company which attempts to discover novel ingredients; Nestlé is one of the world's largest and most famous food production companies, and is providing funding to Chromocell, allowing it to identify tasty sodium alternatives. 

Chromocell is utilsing its proprietary Chromovert Technology, which can find natural compounds which provide a similar taste to salt. The identification of these ingredients will allow huge sodium reductions across many products.

Sean Westcott, Head of Nestlé’s R&D centre in Solon, Ohio, said: “We are pleased to extend our partnership with Chromocell as part of our continued commitment to reducing the sodium in our food and beverages, to provide healthier choices while retaining the same great taste.”

Chromocell Chief Executive Officer, Christian Kopfli, said: "We are thrilled to support Nestlé’s continued efforts to reduce sodium and promote public health. The longstanding partnership has produced tangible results and we look forward to providing additional solutions to our partner."


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