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New research sees 5G communications speed record set for autonomous vehicles

A new 5G communications speed record for autonomous vehicles has been announced following research by the Warwick Manufacturing Group, The Manufacturer reports.

It was found that WMG reached 2.867 gigabits per second in over-the-air transmissions which is anticipated to be as quick as sending a HD film in under 10 seconds.

Researches discovered the wireless communications technology could potentially enable self-driving vehicles to share substantial amounts of data with each other and with traffic management systems.

It is thought the data is set to include exact 3D road maps developed by LiDAR, which are comparable to radar but using laser light instead of radio waves, traffic information and HD video images of the vehicle’s surroundings.

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It is hoped that it will enable more efficient reactions to changes in traffic movements which allow for a safer and smoother operation.

The team utilised antenna placement on the inside of the pod and on roadside infrastructure to conduct the connectivity tests through its operation of an autonomous Pod built by RDM.

It has also been revealed that the project is set to examine how dynamics of both the vehicle and the environment impact performance through infrastructure and AVs.

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