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New smart grid program will help boost UK grid stability

New smart grid program will help boost UK grid stability

Honeywell has partnered with Pearlstone Energy to provide a smart grid that will pay industrial facilities in the UK to reduce their energy consumption during periods where electricity demands exceed availability.

Honeywell will provide the technology needed to enable these reductions, free of charge.

The aim is to reduce UK energy bills, improve the UK’s power reliability and help fulfil carbon reduction commitments.

Dr. Azad Camyab, CEO of Pearlstone Energy said: "Facilities use electricity for different purposes, but they don't need to consume it at full capacity all of the time. We're using Honeywell's open-source smart grid technology to tap into buildings' flexible energy needs to offer additional sources of grid stability along with savings and potential new revenue for participants."

This is a smart way for manufacturers to reduce energy consumption and make their businesses run more efficiently.

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