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Panasonic reveals vision for futuristic autonomous car cabin

The Japan-based electronics company, Panasonic, has revealed its vision for the future of intelligent transportation at the beginning of GITEX Technology Week, reports.

During its 100th anniversary celebrations, Panasonic gave its view on how the company sees the future of car mobility looking like by displaying a car cabin that portrays how autonomous cars in the future can transform into a fully-functioning work and entertainment space.

The Autonomous Living Space Cabin showcases four different types of in-car environments which range from the living room, business, relaxation, and entertainment.

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The future cabin was kitted out with hi-tech products such as car windows that turn into screens that can allow a future self-driving car traveller to do things such as watch TV, get news updates and hold business conferences.

“Driverless cars are coming and this is what we call the future of mobility,” said Anthony Peter, Director of Corporate Communications for Panasonic Middle East & Africa.

“You can have office conferences and do various things while on the move. You can spend your time going from point A to B where you can relax and utilise the time in a better way.”