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Philips Lighting announces LiFi IoT platform at Light + Building 2018

Philips launches Interact - LiFi wireless data smart lighting system

The Dutch technology subsidiary and world’s largest lighting firm, Philips Lighting, announced its break into the LiFi market during the Light +Building trade show in Frankfurt.

The firm is launching an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and connected lighting system, dubbed Interact.

LiFi technology involves LEDS and sensors that transmit data wirelessly to computers and tablets through light waves.

The system offers decorative LED lights and an outdoor range to its smart lighting cannon, as well as services beyond singular customers – Interact City, Interact Landmark, Interact Office, Interact Retail, and Interact Sports.


 “Our reputation for innovation is unrivalled in our industry and this year we’ve raised the bar even higher,” commented Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting.

“Our latest LED innovations range from beautiful vintage-looking lamps to equipping some of our most popular office luminaires to provide LiFi, a game-changing technology that allows broadband Internet through light waves.”

“And as lighting becomes truly smart, our Internet of Things Interact platform will create data-enabled services for customers that deliver benefits beyond illumination.”

Despite the first commercial LiFi product being introduced in 2014, Philips Lighting are one of the first companies to bring the technology to the mainstream.

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