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Rocket Software and T-Systems partner on data transfer delay reduction project

T-Systems and Rocket Software partner for time-efficiency

Rocket Software, the US-based software firm, and T-Systems, the German IT company, have partnered to reduce the delay times associated with data transferring.

The firms have combined their capabilities to create a single solution that can reduce the time of manual data exchange tasks by 90%.

“We redesigned our entire COMPDM product when we realised the potential of integrating with Rocket Software’s TRUfusion Enterprise,” said Martin Frenzel, product manager at T-Systems.

“TRUfusion Enterprise automates all of the workflow processes that were taking place manually between suppliers, while providing an exceptionally high level of automation and security.”

“It was clear that by working together we could drastically cut the time taken to complete data transfers with PLM systems at both ends, and the partnership works incredibly well – it’s like a hand in a glove.”


“It’s important that Rocket has a global reach as wide as our own, so we can serve manufacturers across the world on an equal basis. There aren’t many other companies who can do that.”

“One of the keys to the success of the collaboration is that customers can implement a solution to address a complex, expensive, but essential business process,” said Martyn Davies, director of product management at Rocket Software.

“Import/export processes from PLMs can be very complex, but with the combined TRUfusion Enterprise and COMPDM solution, we are seeing times reduce from one or two hours to 5-10 minutes.”

“When you’re talking about 30-50 thousand transactions a year, that equates to a lot of time. Even when we aren’t dealing with PLM workflows, customers are reducing their time taken from 15-30 minutes down to one or two.”