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Samsung confirms purchase of Zhilabs to accelerate its 5G capabilities

Samsung has announced the acquisition of Zhilabs in order to increase its 5G capabilities.

The South Korean-based electronics company, Samsung, has confirmed the purchase of Zhilabs in a move to accelerate its 5G capabilities.

Zhilabs, who are recognised for its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based network and service analytics, will enable Samsung to expand its 5G offerings of automation and network analytics to navigate the customer experiences in the 5G era.

It is anticipated that AI-based automation will play a key role in the implementation of new services during the 5G age with the rise to prominence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected cars.

The AI-based transformation will be utilised to analyse user traffic, classify application being used as well as improving overall service quality.

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Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, commented: “5G will enable unprecedented services attributed to the generation of exponential data traffic, for which automated and intelligent network analytics tools are vital.”

“The acquisition of Zhilabs will help Samsung meet these demands to assure each subscriber receives the best possible service.”

Although fully owned by Samsung, Zhilabs will run independently under its own management structure.

It has been confirmed that Samsung will continue to expand its automation solutions that determine the quality of each user service and will also have the ability to automatically optimise service quality without human intervention.