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Siemens to focus on machine tool digitalisation at EMO Hannover

Siemens to focus on machine tool digitalisation at EMO Hannover

At EMO Hannover Fair next week, digitalisation is set to be the key theme.

Digitalisation in the machine tools industry is increasingly prevalent and relevant, and under the banner ‘Digitalisation in Machine Tool Manufacturing’, Siemens will be demonstrating how machine tool users and manufacturers can benefit from digitalisation with a presentation across 1,200 feet of Hall 25.

The presentation will concentrate on the company’s extensive, integrated digitalisation portfolio, and offer advice on how businesses can boost their own production flexibility and efficiency.

Dr Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of the Siemens Motion Control Business Unit, said: “Digitalisation is set to fundamentally transform and advance the machine tool industry. By linking the digital and real worlds, we will be able to open up new, significant possibilities for boosting productivity and developing totally new business models. This applies both to those who build and use machines. And it applies just as much too small and medium-sized enterprises as it does to the big players in the industry.

“Digitalisation is the main driver of growth and profitability in the machine tool industry both locally and worldwide.”

Heuring continued: “Siemens is the world’s leading and sole supplier of fully integrated software and hardware solutions for every phase of the value chain, both in the construction and utilisation of machine tools. By offering this broad spectrum, Siemens is laying the foundation for the digital penetration and restructuring of complete value chains in the machine tool industry.”

EMO Hannover takes place between the 18th and the 23rd of September.  

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