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Sikich finds that few manufacturers are using IoT

Manufacturers not prepared for cyber crime

According to its annual report, the professional services firm, Sikich, has found that less than 10% of manufacturers surveyed are using Internet of Thing (IoT).

Additionally, the 2018 Manufacturing Report shows that another 30% do not have a clear understanding about IoT.

“Manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from the internet of things, but too many lack the necessary understanding of the benefits and fail to embrace these transformative technologies,” remarked Jerry Murphy, Sikich’s Partner-in-Charge of Manufacturing and Distribution.

“As a result, many manufacturers and distributors miss out on significant operational improvements and efficiency gains across the supply chain, which can put them at a competitive disadvantage.”

40% of the respondents claim they don’t use robotics in their manufacturing operations.


Although more than 75% of manufacturers has not experienced any cybersecurity incidents in the previous 18 months, only 19% argue they are “very ready” to address risks, with 63% “somewhat ready”.

Cybersecurity threats will only increase as technology becomes even more integrated into manufacturing operations,” said Brad Lutgen, Partner in Security and Compliance at Sikich.

“That’s especially true given the rapid adoption of IoT devices. Manufacturers must therefore have security programs in place to address the ever-changing threats.”

“At a minimum, a company’s program should include conducting regular risk assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to gauge its current security posture.”

“Manufacturers should also put in place vendor management programs to vet third-party technologies to make sure that vendors adequately test for security vulnerabilities.”