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Smurfit Kappa celebrates 40 years of Bag-in-Box technology

Smurfit Kappa celebrates 40 years of Bag-in-Box technology

Smurfit Kappa is currently celebrating 40 years of its Bag-in-Box packaging technology, and with this celebration comes the news that these solutions are experiencing remarkable growth in Europe – especially France, where sales have tripled in the last decade.

The popularity of boxed wine reflects changes in consumer behaviour and social trends. It boasts longer shelf life, ease of use, simply storage, and reduction in waste, making it more attracting both to consumer and retailers. Smurfit Kappa’s Bag-in-Box sales have risen in many nations as well as France, such as Argentina, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States.


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Bag-in-Box packaging has continued to evolve, welcoming the additions of other solutions such as the Vitop tap, Pouch-Up packs, and a high-specification filling machine systems. Better still, owners have increased branding opportunities at the point of purchase, something the company champions through its ShelfSmart solution. These elements all ensure that Smurfit Kappa retains its leadership position for such solutions in Europe.

“Our 40 years of experience has meant that we were in a unique position to capitalise on the recent growth in popularity of Bag-in-Box wines. While Bag-in-Box packaging is most commonly associated with wine, we also cater for a diverse range of products including juice, liquid eggs, dairy and also non-food applications such as motor oil and chemicals,” said Thierry Minaud, CEO of the Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box division.

“Thanks to their low carbon footprint and the extended shelf life which they provide, our Bag-in-Box products offer a more sustainable choice of packaging for many industries. We are proud of what has been achieved so far.”