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South Korea cracks down on emissions-cheating vehicles

South Korea cracks down on emissions-cheating vehicles

The falsification of environmental documents in the automotive world seems to have become the norm, and South Korea is refusing to stand for it.


The nation’s Ministry of Environment has banned sales of the Porsche Macan S Diesel, Cayenne SE Hybrid and Turbo, Cayman GTS, 911 GT3, 918 Spyder, BMW X5 M and Infiniti Q50, and the Nissan Qashqai Diesel. South Korea’s government discovered that the latter included a device which allowed it to cheat emissions testing, but Nissan denies this.

Porsche, BMW, and Nissan are also being forced to pay a total fine of around US$5.9 million.

The most famous case of falsifying documents to make vehicles appear more environmentally friendly or quieter in recent years if that of Volkswagen, which in South Korea was fined US$15.9 and had 32 VW Group models banned.

According to Reuters, divisions of BMW and Nissan within South Korea claim they will attempt to re-introduce the affected models in the future.


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