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Ultimaker launched its Ultimaker S5 3D printer at Hannover Messe

Ultimaker S5 has an enhanced bed level and touch screen

The additive manufacturing company, Ultimaker, unveiled its latest 3D printer, the Ultimaker S5, at the Hannover Messe industrial technology trade show.

The new design features fully integrated hardware, software and materials configuration, and optimal settings alignment, allowing full geometrical freedom capabilities, high uptime, and industrial-grade material properties.

The 3D printer has been updated with an optimised touch screen, a 330x240x300 mm build volume which allows for the printing of larger objects, dual extrusion, and an improved feeder system with a filament flow sensor.

The S5 model’s enhanced bed levelling is deigned to create a perfect first layer and continuously compensates the print bed while printing.


“The development of the Ultimaker S5, in combination with the new material solutions and the Ultimaker App, sets a new standard for smart and accessible professional 3D printing,” commented Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker.

“Our commitment to building a complete 3D printing solution, from hardware to software and materials, offers our growing professional user base an increasingly integrated, automated and reliable print process with a very high succession rate.”

“The time needed to configure this new 3D printer is lower than ever, which allows users to fully focus on the creation of functional prototypes, larger objects and other designs and models that require full geometrical design freedom capabilities.”

“Combined with our continuously updated software and our global sales and service network, we have made local digital manufacturing a reality.”

Ultimaker has also released two additional products; the Ultimaker Tough PLA and the Ultimaker App.