Top 10 Challenges Facing IT Managers Right Now and Solutions

Robert Rutherford, CEO, QuoStar
|Jan 28|magazine2 min read

10. Business Intelligence

Data-driven decision making is invaluable and has the power to completely transform any operation. However, while businesses are generating more data than ever before, most of it is unstructured so it can’t add any real value. Turning it into gold is one of the greatest challenges facing IT pros right now and doing so can provide insight into every part of a business, from customers and operations, through to the wider marketplace.

The challenges faced by IT managers are complex but interconnected. Solutions such as co-sourcing can be applied to issues such as the skills shortage, and still this process creates fresh challenges. All said, what is fundamental to conquering potential IT hiccups in 2021 is that managers are given a voice at the decision-making table. If senior leaders want to unlock the transformative potential of tech during a transformative time, then it’s time to let the IT do the talking.