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Mazda, Toyota, and Denso team up to create EV technology

Mazda, Toyota, and Denso team up to create EV technology

Mazda, Toyota, and Denso are teaming up to create a new company as a joint development centre, and will be working towards jointly developing basic structural technologies for electric vehicles. Engineers from each business will come together to ensure the efficient implementation of all projects.

Countries all around the world are adopting more and more stringent environmental policies for reducing greenhouse gases, and new regulations are emerging all the time. Car companies have to work harder than ever to keep up, and EVs are increasing in popularity.

Mazda, Toyota, and Denso are jointly developing structural technologies for EVs capable of covering a wide variety of vehicle segments and types, ensuring flexible and rapid response to market trends. The agreement they have come to covers a range of models, including passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks, and innovation will be driven by the combination of strengths of each company.

The combined company will engage in research into the characteristics that define the optimum performance and functions of EVs; verification of component installation and vehicle performance realised by the aforementioned characteristics; and examination of the optimum concept for each car classification with regard to each component and each type of vehicle.

Mazda and Toyota will focus their resources on fundamental vehicle values to enable the creation of appealing EVs that embody the unique identities of each brand and avoid the commoditisation of EVs, dedicating an equal amount of development resources, ensuring efficient development processes, and taking advantage of existing production facilities.

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