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BASF invests in Chinese advanced materials fund

BASF partners with Longwater Investment to expand innovation capabilities in China.

BASF, the German chemical producer, has announced its investment in an advanced materials private equity fund managed by the Shanghai based Longwater Investment.

The investment was carried out via their subsidiary BASF Venture Capital. Markus Solibieda, managing director of BASF Venture Capital, said: “This investment underlines our commitment to further expanding BASF’s innovation capabilities in China. Longwater’s experts are well versed in China’s chemical industry. Involvement in Longwater’s network will support BASF’s aim to engage with fast-growing companies and develop jointly with them innovations for its customers.”

The Longwater Advanced Materials Fund was selected by BASF Venture Capital owing to what it describes as Longwater’s strong network, spanning from chemical technology and material startups to industry verticals and domestic and global market leaders. BASF goes on to say that they will benefit from the inclusion of strategic partners and investors who can create synergies among the stakeholders.


“We are happy to welcome BASF Venture Capital as a Limited Partner in our network,” said Xuesong Shi, managing director of Longwater. “BASF is a widely respected global market leader in the chemical and materials sector. BASF Venture Capital, which supplements BASF’s innovation initiatives, has extensive access to and insights into various related segments and shares a common philosophy and vision with Longwater Investment as regards smart energy, sustainability, chemical-industry digitalization, and much more. The partnership will facilitate synergetic collaboration between BASF Venture Capital and Longwater Investment.”

BASF are one of several partners in the fund, including Xiamen C&D, CICC Genesis and Tsinghua Redbud.