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Jaguar Land Rover director to head Faraday Battery Challenge

JLR Director to lead the £246mn Faraday Battery Challenge

Tony Harper, the Director of Engineering Research at Jaguar Land Rover, the automotive manufacturer, is to head the Faraday Battery Challenge.

The Faraday Challenge has been funded by the UK government, which supplied £246mn (US$340mn), in order to develop batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

The aim of the initiative is to safe, cost-effective, durable, lighter weight, higher performing and recyclable batteries through the Industrial Strategy.

“This is a unique opportunity to maximise the advantage for the UK from the shift to the electrification of transport by creating a high-tech, high-value, high-skill industry in battery technology,” stated Tony Harper.


Tony Harper is anticipated to begin his position as Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge on 9 April, when he joins the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

“With 200,000 electric vehicles set to be on UK roads by the end of 2018, investment in car batteries is a massive opportunity for Britain and one that, through our flagship Industrial Strategy and the Automotive Sector Deal, the government is committed to seizing,” commented Rcihard Harrington, the UK’s Business Minister.

“Tony’s long-standing experience and expertise in automotive research and development means he is the ideal candidate to lead the ground-breaking Faraday Battery Challenge,” said Ruth McKernan, CEO of Innovate UK.

“He will have an important role to play in ensuring the UK is a world leader in the development of automotive battery technologies.”

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