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Airbus to restructure

Airbus to restructure

Airbus is restructuring in an effort to simplify its brands and integrate the entire company.


The company hopes that merging divisions will improve profitability, and it will aim to focus on its airliner business.

The first step will be to bring together the airline, defence, space, and helicopter divisions under one brand – known simply as Airbus – and the business will also be concentrating on digital thinking with regard to production and design.

Staff were informed last week of the changes. It is unclear how many jobs will be lost.

CEO Tom Enders said of the shake-up:

“We are bringing Team Airbus closer together, recognising that our commercial aircraft division is by far the largest contributor to our company’s revenues and financials.

“We aren’t just trying to get leaner at the shop-floor level, we are really starting at the top of the company. I would expect, starting from next year, we should see some of these savings come to the bottom line.”


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