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The defence and electronics sectors are driving India’s manufacturing industry

Digital India is driving smartphone manufacturing, following import levy

The Digital India scheme introduced by the government in a bid to advanced technology across the nation has seen the rise of electronics manufacturing.

As part of the scheme, India has announced the target of net zero imports in the country by 2020.

India’s budget has levied a 10% import duty of several components of smartphones to discourage imports, including print circuit boards (PCBs).

The Chinese electronics manufacturer has recently opened smartphone facilities in the country and has now started producing PCBs in India along with Samsung.


The nation has become the second-largest smartphone market in the world after China, overtaking the US.

India is also aiming to boost its drug manufacturing industry, aiming to reduce reliance on China.

The country has the third largest defence budget in the world, making it a target for producers to sell to.

With this, it is anticipated that the defence sector will drive manufacturing jobs in the country.

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