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Unilever and Nestlé become first major processors to use ProductDNA

Transnational consumer goods company Unilever and Switzerland-based Nestlé has become the first two major processors to announce it will be utilising the data management service ProductDNA, Food Manufacture reports.

Launched in May 2018, the service is operated by suppliers inputting product data into the catalogue which once its independently verified, will enable the data to be used along the supply chain which also includes by retailers and consumers.

ProductDNA was developed by the GS1 UK Retail Grocery Advisory Board with the aim of solving the lack of consistent data in the supply chain.

Created for the industry by the industry, ProductDNA is considered the culmination of the retail industry agreeing a common approach for products.

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“If we can automate along the supply chain, it’ll be a huge step towards creating efficiencies. In current operating conditions, there is a move towards efficient end-to-end supply chains, and mapping up and down the supply chain will help with this,” David Hix, Supply Chain Director at Nestle, told Food Manufacture.

“If the data is captured at the very beginning of the process, it doesn’t have to be a job at the end of the supply chain. Plus, there is a fail-safe in the third-party check carried out by XPO Logistics to ensure the data is accurately captured.”

The service has the ability to record up to 150 attributes.