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Cemtrex to launch VR/AR software called Workbench VR

Cemtrex to implement AR/VR software in the manufacturing industry, to aid assembly

The US-based industrial and manufacturing firm, Cemtrex, has announced plans to launch a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) system, designed to aid efficiency in in the workplace.

Workbench VR is currently under development by the firm’s in-house subsidiary, Cemtrex VR team.

The software aims to help assembly workers within the manufacturing industry utilise headsets, as well as connect smart tools.

The outcome should be faster assembly of products, with less errors and improved quality.

Custom designed workflows in the VR/AR software will help assembling become more easy and agile.


“Workbench VR is the first VR / AR application to provide a set of tools to the manufacturing team to assist the worker and manager to accurately track, measure, and improve assembly operations,” stated Saagar Govil, CEO and Chairman of Cemtrex.

“Due to our extensive experience and number of customers in industrial and manufacturing environments we see this application as the ideal tool to continue to create more value for our clients.”

“Our Workbench VR application will be of immense value to any manufacturing operation that seeks to cut costs and get an edge on their competition.”

It is anticipated that the VR and AR software market will be worth £215bn by 2021, according to research conducted by Statista.

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