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Huawei to commence manufacturing smartphones in India next year

The China-based telecommunications company, Huawei, has plans to begin manufacturing smartphones in India in 2019, according to BW Business World.

The firm is planning to open 1,000 retail stores across India by 2020 in order to push its smartphone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Wally Yang, Senior Product Marketing Director, Huawei Consumer Business Group, said: “Numbers is not a very big milestone to achieve for us, our target is to let more people experience our products. The reason we are trying offline push is so that more consumers can experience the superior quality of our products and numbers will follow automatically.”

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The company has already collaborated with Croma stores where Mate 20 Pro handsets are set to be made available from the middle of December in India.

Huawei has been placed in second spot in the worldwide smartphone market share list during the last two quarters. The company achieved 14.6% of market share during its third quarter, beating Apple in the process with 13.2% and only losing out to Samsung with 20.3%.

The firm aims to take the lead in the telecoms market through implementing its 5G handsets.