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Coca-Cola just started manufacturing milk - its 'next billion dollar brand'

Coca-Cola has just announced plans to manufacture and distribute milk.

Coca-Cola has just announced plans to manufacture and distribute a premium, protein-packed milk under Minute Maid’s Fairlife brand. The new milk range from the world-famous drinks manufacturer will go on sale across the US next month. 

Coca-Cola’s Fairlife milk is lactose-free and packed with 50 percent more protein than regular match – unsurprisingly it also has a price bracket to match. The lactose-free milk will also contain half the sugar of regular milk and 30 percent more calcium.

Customers will be able to choose from whole milk, fat-free milk, chocolate and reduced-fat options with prices ranging from $3.98 to $4.20.

“I hope it’s Coke’s next billion-dollar brand,” said Fairlife CEO Steve Jones.

Coca-Cola’s decision to increase the milk’s protein content corresponds with an increased demand for protein among consumers. Data shows 71 percent of shoppers seek more protein in their diet, according to findings from market-research firm NPD Group.

Coca-Cola is hoping its premium milk will help boost sales, as fresh or pasteurized milk retail volume sales declined by 3 percent last year. Sales of carbonated beverages are also falling.

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