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Immensa Technology Labs brings 3D printing to Dubai

Immensa Technology Labs brings 3D printing to Dubai

The UAE has 3D printing capabilities firmly in its sights.

According to Dubai Future, 3D printing is set to become truly pervasive in everyday life, and will create huge economic value. The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy, as set out by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to use additive manufacturing to reduce labour by 70 percent, costs by 90 percent, and time by 80 percent across sectors. By 2025, every new building in Dubai will be at least 25 percent 3D printed, starting at two percent in 2019 and gradually growing in capability. The national health authority will also experiment with 3D printing in the pursuit of perfecting prosthetics.

The UAE-based company Immensa Technology Labs is marking its territory by launching Dubai’s first 3D printing facility, which contains more than eight additive manufacturing systems and over 30 materials.

The business established itself in 2016 in order to advance the 3D printing capabilities of the region in line with His Highness’s plan. It is equipped to design and create high-quality parts and prototypes, and will be a flagship of higher technology for the region.

According to Trade Arabia, Fahmi Al Shawwa (Chief Executive of Immensa Technology Labs) said at the launch:

"There are ample opportunities for organisations in the UAE to adopt AM to enhance their efficiencies and competitiveness, and we are focused on providing world-class and viable 3D printing solutions.

"Our team is passionate about 3D printing, design and manufacturing, and we cover the entire process to help our clients every step of the way, from design concepts and material options to technology selection, 3D printing production and post-production processing.”

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